1/ Music based activities that are fun, engaging and target specific areas of communication!

2/ Children who are unable to verbalize or initiate communication can do so within musical context

3/ The co-treatment factor between a Music Therapist and Speech & Language Pathologist.

4/ The most important feature is the team model with an MT and SLP. This provides opportunities for the clients to work toward goals such as speech, turn taking, waiting, interacting with each other, and responding to other peers, to name a few.

1/ The songs and activities capture attention, have a great amount of variety and are memorable

2/Ease with which children can participate either verbally or nonverbally

3/ Well written, easy to learn, melodic and contrasting keys and tempos.

4/ The activities are enjoyable to both participate and facilitate. Additionally they can be used to work toward real life scenarios (ie. Shopping, ordering or making food).

1/ Yes, this a great program with lots of resources to support communication development for a range of needs!

2/ Yes, to both, although ideally both an MT and an SLP should lead a group

3/ I would like to say yes, however, I have not run a ComMusicate™️ program just yet and am feeling I could give more feedback when I am able to.

4/ I would definitely recommend ComMusicate™️ because I believe that the program offers opportunities for children of all ages to grow and work toward goals that can allow them the possibility to become more independent.

I’m excited to help ComMusicate™️ grow and hope to work with people of various ages. This program isn’t just geared to children, some of the activities could aid young adults with autism or a delay in building life skills.