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Instrument Collection

The ComMusicate Instrument Starter Kit:   ComMusicate has partnered with Music Therapy Suite (  to provide facilitators with a collection of durable, high quality instruments. This kit has everything you require to start up a ComMusicate group, at an unbelievably low fee, which includes shipping!

Each kit contains:

4 rainsticks (small plastic)
1 cymbal and stand
1 thunder drum
1 djembe
1 lollipop drum and mallet
1 set of boomwhackers
1 set of bells
1 set of claves
1 small tambourine
1 small chimes
1 gathering drum
4 mini maracas
4 triangles
2 small cluster bells
1 train whistle (plastic)
1 pair finger cymbals
1 small guiro
1 glockenspiel and mallet