The ComMusicate Manual & Database


Unlock the power of music therapy for your student, patient, or client with the ComMusicate™️ Manual and Database. This interactive combination of unique and effective tools is designed specifically for use by professional Speech Therapists (SLPs), Music Therapists, and other practitioners intending to help children facing communication challenges.

The ComMusicate™️ database contains over 55 songs and activities and includes cross-referenced speech, language and communication targets, detailed directions, and suggested props and materials.

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The ComMusicate™️ Manual & Database serves as a comprehensive guide for establishing and facilitating your own ComMusicate group to children with communication difficulties. The Manual is backed by research and by Noreen’s vast experience as a music therapist working with children with communication disorders.

The Database offers 55+ interactive activities and original songs that target and are cross-referenced with speech goals.

With ComMusicate™️, the power of music therapy is within reach!


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